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Vinha Boutique Hotel

Relax Spa

Relax Spa

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Offer a SPA Relax massage for one person which uses the benefits of essential oils that promote the relief of stress and muscle tension.


12 months from the date of insurance. Once this validity period has passed the voucher expires. It can only be reactivated by paying 50% of the voucher value. The extension of the validity for reactivated vouchers is 6 months. Ended this period the voucher cannot be reactivated again.

Conditions of Use

  1. The voucher is personal and non-transferable. Its use is subject to prior booking and availability of the Sisley Paris SPA of Vinha Boutique Hotel.
  2. At the time of reservation/booking, the bearer must quote the number of the voucher so it can be matched to the service it was purchased for. The bearer should present the voucher when arriving at the Sisley Paris SPA of Vinha Boutique Hotel and should also have their credit card with them, or other means of payment, to ensure any eventual additional services provided to the client by the Vinha Boutique Hotel not covered by the value/services included in the voucher.
  3. In the case of a lost voucher: the bearer should contact Vinha Boutique Hotel and quote the number and name on the voucher, in order to request a duplicate of the original document and should be accompanied by an identification document. Only by following this procedure the issuance of a duplicate of the original voucher will be considered.
  4. Multiple vouchers are not accepted. Only 1 voucher per reservation and person is accepted (1).
  5. It is not redeemable for cash or refundable.
  6. Amounts include VAT at the legal rate.
  7. The voucher can be sent electronically to an email address indicated at the time of purchase (2).
  8. Use of the voucher requires a mandatory reservation of at least 48 hours in advance through: or +351 22 115 41 23 (cost of a local landline call).
  9. Attendance at the Sisley Paris SPA of Vinha Boutique Hotel is subject to existing availability.

Cancellation Policy

Reservations made with a SPA Voucher can be cancelled up to 8 hours prior to the date of your reservation. This will not affect the validity of the voucher, which can be used to make a new reservation. However, the voucher will become inactive if you fail to cancel the reservation, or do so less than 8 hours before the hour/date of your treatment. The voucher is non refundable.

(1) Except in the case of a two-person treatment in the double room, in which one voucher per person or a couple would be accepted.

(2) We recommend you keep your digital or paper voucher in a safe place until you need it. 

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